Add a Day Going West is the third album for Portland, Oregon’s Susurrus Station, but I can’t put it in context because it’s the first I’ve heard. I was luke warm on it at first, but I found it grew on me with successive listens. Perhaps it’s because the album has a grand reach, which occasionally exceeds its grasp. In addition to a melding of too many genres to mention, there are lots of sounds here; in addition to keyboards, guitar, drums, bass and vox, there’s a kalimba, tuba, cello, viola, horn section, and a lot more. This can make for ambition that difficult to access. But it can also make for great drama, and more often that not on this album, it succeeds

Primarily, this is deep-voiced, moody country/folk/indie rock. It may not appeal to everyone, but it’s hard to deny the band’s skills.

Talking With The Wind

Taking the Air


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