AFRO CLASSICS AND BASH BROS-“Workaholics 2” (Free mixtape!)

This is extraordinary!  The press release:

West Coast Heavyweights Bash Bros.(Lefty & Piseas) & Afro Classics (Scarub of Living Legends & Very) are back at it again! WORKAHOLICS 2 is here!!! This time they teamed up with DJ Pickster One to release the second installment to their classic mixtape series “WORKAHOLICS”.

Mixed by DJ Pickster One
01 Workaholics 2 intro
02 Lemonade
03 Southern cali car music
04 On your best
05 Working my soul
06 Boom In it
07 Ryder shit (prod: Style Misia)
08 Rock the spot (Tokimonster mix)
09 Never knew me
10 Right Yeah
11 the Calm
12 Gotta Make Work
13 Hi ho (What you want)
14 Sponge Bob speaks on it
15 Get Free
16 Afro Mind Control
17 Slave
18 Eyes up
19 Work
20 I still love her?
21 The code
22 Let’s Go
23 Radio
24 World still burnz
25 Show me yours
26 Bada bing
27 Suck My
28 Workaholics forever


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