I don’t want to confuse you, but these are the facts: “Okay” is a tribute song to indie rockers Okay, and it is the first song on the EP titled “Okay,” which also features two covers of songs by Okay. Venice Is Sinking is one of those bands who always impress me, yet I don’t listen to them nearly often enough.  This is a sad fact, not a point of pride.  Earlier this year, the Athens, GA, band released a wonderfully intricate record, AZAR, and now they’re re-releasing one song off of it (“Okay”) as an EP with, a couple new songs and covers.  And I have to say, the EP is even better than the full-length.

The Okay covers– “Compass” and “Give Up”—are great, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why these songs didn’t make it on to a record.  They’re extraordinary. I think “Give Up” probably didn’t fit on the AZAR record musically; that album is a collection of moody, orchestral songs, and “Give Up” is a little low key.  It’s great, it’s just not like the rest of the songs on AZAR.  The EP is rounded out with alternate versions of “Okay” and another AZAR track, “Ryan’s Song.”

If you haven’t heard Venice is Sinking yet, give the EP a try and see what you’re missing.  It’s a home run.

Okay (YSI)


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Jacqueline/In Bloom (Nirvana Cover)-Franz Ferdinand (YSI)

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