I tend to stay away from overt politics here because most of it is beyond the scope of this music-and-comics site, but this whole health care debate has gotten ridiculous.

First of all, removing competition from the private sector is not (and has not ever been) a part of any health care plan put forth by Obama or the Democrats.

Second, even if it were, removing competition from the private sector does not equal socialism.  When Bush virtually eliminated competition by awarding all Iraq reconstruction contracts to the same firm, which happened to have ties to the Vice President, these same people who are all pissed off about the health plan didn’t say boo.

Third, Obama bailed out banks, not regular people.  Bankers are doing great with the windfall and have refused to share it with the people whose taxes paid for that windfall.  That’s the opposite of a socialist.  That’s a capitalist in the extreme.

Fourth, we are the only first world country with no mandated health care for its people, and when viewed objectively through any reasonable measure (health outcome audits by independent organizations; objective time measurement of wait time to see physicians; overall obesity, cancer, diabetes rates, etc.) our country is the least healthy first world country.  And the best health care system in the world is our country’s only government-run health program: The Dept. of Veterans Affairs.  (This was the conclusion of an independent, non-American research group.)

Finally, there are no more death panels in Obama’s vision than there are in the current system.  Ever try to see a doctor at your HMO but have to wait a long time?  Ever hear about people dying who have private insurance but can’t afford a particular treatment, even with the copay?  Ever hear of rationale (not rationing, mind you) medical decisions that counsel people against radical procedures with little likelihood of success just to potentially prolong a life that is already miserable?  If any of these things are death panels, then sign me up.

Let’s stop the name-calling and judge the health plans on their merits.  If you don’t want government-run health care because you think the gov’t is inept, I hear you.  If you don’t want it because you’re afraid of the cost to the country, I hear you (but have to disagree–we’re already paying for the uninsured in many ways, and I personally believe that there’s little chance that health care costs will get more expensive if they are government regulated).  But if you’re saying he’s a socialist or that there are death panels or that there’s no example of any successful government health care program, then I suspect you’re not doing your own independent research.

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