JIM BREUER-“Let’s Clear the Air” (DVD)

I just received Jim Breuer’s new Comedy Central DVD, “Let’s Clear the Air.” Originally, I was going to give this away, but goddamn it, I like it too much.

If you don’t know NYC’s Jim Breuer, he’s been on Saturday Night Live (albeit during its lowest point, from 1995 to 1998) where he was “Goat Boy,” or from his role in Artie Lange’s Beer League film, but the place where he really shines is on stage (and in the studio with Howard Stern).

On the DVD he does his brilliant standup routine, which includes stories about wild experiences with guys like Dave Chappelle and Tracey Morgan. Yeah, you can see it on Comedy Central on Saturday, July 25, at 11:00 pm, but the DVD version has over 25 minutes of unaired material, photo shoot footage, and a “Fireside Chat With Dad”.

Buy it!

He’s an ace impersonator—notably of Joe Pesci and . . . Metallica! And check him out on Stern. If this doesn’t sell you on him, nothing will:

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