BROKEN RECORDS-“Until The Earth Begins To Part”

Let me make one thing clear at the outset of this post: I’m writing about the band called “Broken Records,” not the record label.  I first wrote about the Scottish septet last year, when they released an EP, and I compared them to The Killers.  The comparison is still apt, though they’ve added a bit more longing and country to their overall sound.  That, and the fact that they’ve got an accordian and a stand-up bass, produces a sound that has more texture and variety than most Killers’ songs.  I like The Killers, too.  But I recognize their limitations, being stuck in format and genre.  Broken Records, aptly named, seem hell-bent on shattering expectation and bending genres.  A very solid debut.

Thoughts On A Picture (In A Paper, January 2009)

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