FRESH DAILY-“Tomorrow is Today” (Mixtape)

I’m gonna say something that will ruin my backpacker-rap cred: I don’t dig Kool Keith or Deltron 3000.  I don’t hate ’em, I just don’t feel space rap.  Or, I should say, I didn’t feel it.  Until now.

“Always with the new shit that’s as exclusive as a Louis bag.”

Fresh Daily isn’t exactly space rap, to be sure.  The intro, the cover, and a few of the tunes have cosmic overtones, but for the most part it’s just straight up hot beats, skilled verses, and clear delivery.  From the AOK Collective, Fresh Daily is a Brooklyn MC whose mixtape cops beats and remixes from the likes of Kaney, Gorillaz, Oddisee, Flying Lotus, and Outkast, with guest spots by Outasight and MeLa Machinko and production by a slew of underground stars.  Check the tracklist:

If you’re not ready to try this out, you’re not a hip hop fan.  In which case, you haven’t even read this far, probably.

But if you’ve made it to this point, you’re ready to score this: here or here.

Thanks to okayplayer.

P.S.-I’ve started making my list of candidates for best of 2009 public.   Go and tell me what I’m missing, or hold your peace at the end of the year!

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