Okay, so there’s this guy, Nick Whetro, right?  And he was in this band called National Beekeepers Society. Maybe you’ve heard of them. Anyway, he decides he’s gonna, like, spread his wings and go solo but instead of calling himself Mr. Whetro, he calls himself Icarus Himself, which of course is doubly ironic because (a) he’s not Icarus and (b) when Icaraus spread his wings, he burned and plummeted. Also, it’s not just Mr. Whetro; he’s helped out (significantly) by Karl Christenson.

Anyway, don’t let the pretention keep you away.  This is a smooth, albeit somewhat nerdy, collection of well-crafted tunes that fall somewhere between indie rock and mood rock and (ocassionally) folk.

For fans of: Beirut, Bright Eyes, Nick Drake, and maybe even Syd Barrett.  I hear a lot of old Floyd in here . . . Good stuff.

Sometimes I Can’t Stand You, But That Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Want You Around


See Emily Play (Pink Floyd)-Martha Wainwright

Breathe-The Shins (Floyd cover)

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