DUKE & THE KING-Long Live the Duke and the King

Remember that indie gospelish/folking/rockish band, the Felice Brothers?  No?  Well, you can be forgiven–the band wasn’t around nearly long enough.  But Simone Felice rose as part of Duke & The King (along with Robert Chicken Burke),whose 2009 debut, “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” was awesome.  Their sophmore release, is even rootsier and more soulful.  I mean, the 1970s ballads “Shakey” harmonizes about how the Jackson 5 grew up too fast, so shake your country ass.  It sounds a lot sweeter when they sing it, trust me.  The album also features by former Funkadelic member Nowell “The Deacon” Haskins and Simi Stone.  And I’m liking it more every time I listen.

Thanks to Sean for tempting me to take a chance on these guys–from the great Falls Church CD Cellar.


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