You know Johnny Polygon’s Group Hug EP is a street tape when it opens with Ed McMahon and a sample from an Ice-T song. No way he’s got the licensing money to make this legit . . . Then Johnny comes in, reeling off one liners right and left:

Every priest wants to get blown at least once/Every right family got a Japanese son/They adopted to get discounts on Nissans/Everybody needs a shoulder to lean on/’Cept for me and R. Kelly, we use ’em to pee on/If you’re fifteen and you don’t know the difference in between/Gettin’ pissed on havin’ sex/Then you deserve to get peed on next/Are you pissed off yet?

That’s just a few bars from “DopestFlyestOGPimpPlayaHardcoreMuthafucka,” the first track of off the Group Hug EP, on which Polygon does his best Eminem/Obie Trice/sent-here-to-piss-the-world-off vibe, but it’s followed by “The Riot Song,” where he channels Sly Stone over a laid-back funk beat, and then, later, he offers “Do You Love Me,” with a late-’70s Kool and The Gang popstyle. Johnny Polygon’s been around for a while, rapping since age 14, but it wasn’t until he had the forture to get signed by DJ Green Lantern that people really started to get to know him. He’s got a full-length due later this year.

This versatile EP gets my absolute highest recommendation.

Turbo Light Beams (YSI)

More from Johny:

Black President (with Nas) (YSI)

Here he is with a weird promo message featuring the Saved By The Bell crew.

Here’s his “Lose Control'” video (more of a photo montage), which is a song that is not on the Group Hug EP.

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