The Tin Star Orphans are fucking awesome as hell and if you don’t buy their album (dropping May 5) you are a fucking sorry excuse for a bastard.  Ahem.  Why am I so vehement?  Because Tin Star Orphan join a celebrated pantheon of bands/singers with bizarre voices that somehow end up sounding extraordinary.  In fact, they crack the top 10!  (Sorry, Blind Melon, you’re gone.)

Top 10 Bands/Artists with Funny Voices.

10.  Canned Heat

9.  Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

8.  Tin Star Orphans

7.  Lil’ Wayne

6.  Cold War Kids

5.  Jane’s Addiction

4.  Frightened Rabbit

3.  My Morning Jacket

2.  The Hold Steady

1.  Bob Dylan

As for a review, Toronto’s Tin Star Orphans, their album is an alt-country masterpiece, with brilliant lyrics, fantastic harmonies and terrific music.  I can’t say enough about the album.  And I can’t say much of anything, either, because it is simply indescribable.  If this is not the best debut of the year, then we’re in for some amazing new bands this year.

The Night Wind

Bonus Funny Voiced Folks!

(And one well-voiced cover)

Biography Of Weezyaveli-Lil Wayne (YSI)

Hey Hey What Can I Do (Led Zep)-Hold Steady (YSI)

Hang Me Out To Dry (Cold War Kids Cover)-Kate Nash (YSI)

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