PAPER MOON-“ Only During Thunderstorms”

Yes, Canada’s Paper Moon makes light, gentle pop.  You were expecting harcore?  But don’t write them off as froth.  The songs have enough heft to qualify as more than background music, largely due to the gifted, textured vocals of Allison Shevernoha.  Usually, a band like this has some pixie fronting them in a frilly dress, but Ms. Shevernoha is well aware of the need for a band’s frontperson to shine, and to bring something more to the table than just an airy voice.  Maybe it’s because she does double duty as one of the band’s two guitarists, but Ms. Shevernoha is part of a band, not just dressing on a dreampop iceberg lettuce salad

This Enormously Small Moment

What Are You Going to Do With Me?


Play the Game (Queen cover)-Beach House (YSI)

Care Of Cell 44 (zombies cover)-The Grey Race (YSI)

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