Did any of you read Flashpoint #1 yet?  I did, and I pronounce it . . . Decent. 

I’m not a big DC guy, so it’s a little rough for me: I can’t tell whether I’m supposed to know who these alt-versions are, or if they are original creations.  But there were enough interesting elements to make me want to read the next one.  After that, we’ll see.  But anyway, rather than break their universe on the back of Batman or Superman, DC has chosen Flash to be the basis for the reworking of the entire DC Universe.  Taking a page from Marvel, which has a new #1 every week, many (or all, depending on what reports you read) DC titles will relaunch with issue #1 in September.  They’ll also begin a same-day digital and print release, which may negatively impact the already-shrinking concrete-and-mortar comic book stores.

As for content, the first #1 will be Justice League, which will finally be about a team comprised of DC’s most iconic heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern.  (What?  No Atom?!)  JLA hasn’t been a good book in many years—largely because nobody’s heard of half of the members of the team.  Topping it off, the book will be created by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, both high-level DC execs now.  Johns and Lee have both, in my view, done their best work at least ten years ago.  (To those Geoff fans who scoff and hold up Blackest Night, I point to Teen Titans, a far superior Johns’ work.  I also
point to the first six issues of Blackest Night which were leaden exposition without much action.)  So, I’m not overly hopeful here.

Overall, the new books will tweak DC continuity (including origin stories) and 50 superheroes will get new uniforms, all designed by Jim Lee—the Janet Van Dyne of the DC set.

Of course, this could all be rumor.  Because other outlets are reporting that Cyborg is in the League.  And other rumors include Grant Morrison writing about Superman (and not All Star Supey, either), illustrated by George Perez, and introducing a new costume (ugh—didn’t you learn from how bad Wonder Woman’s costume change went?); yet another New Teen Titans lineup (I finally dropped
that book after giving new writer JT Krul four issues to say something worth hearing); a new Deadman title by Ryan Sook; a complete revamp of Wonder Woman, including changing her continuity; Superman and Wonder Woman will do the nasty; a new Hawkman book written by James Robinson and drawn by Philip Tan (see, now that might actually be good); Aquaman by Geoff and Ivan Reis; Grifter (from Wildstorm) will get his own title as part of the main DC Universe; and new OMAC, Batgirl, and Nightwing books.

See, when Marvel did this—with The Ultimates—it did it in an alt-verse.  DC is changing its main universe.  This is gutsy, sure, but haven’t they promised us stuff like this before (albeit not on this scale) with each “Crisis,” and we’ve seen every major change subsequently get peeled back?

I’m skeptical. But I’m also curious.  And that’s a good thing.

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