THE KOKOON-“We Didn’t Go” (EP)

The title track of The Kokoon’s new EP brings back the fun of ’90s hard rock (think: The Cult), complete with infectious hooks, power guitars, and big, booming, easily misunderstood vocals.  It took me two listens to figure out that “Losing everything we own, and thanks for the otters” was “Loser has to buy a round of drinks for the others.”  It’s a great song.  It’s also only slightly like the rest of the EP, which sounds a lot more like Siouxsie and the Banshees (on “Charms”) or Gary Numan (“Ready to Go”), with elements of The Cure and even The Cars.  In other words, it is updated 1980s New Wave, and it’s lots of fun.  A solid EP with promise.

We Didn’t Go


Just Like Heaven (Cure cover)-Dinosaur Jr. (YSI)

We Have A Technical (Gary Numan cover)-Damon Albarn and Matt Sharp (YSI)

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