I’ve been waiting for a chance to get my hands on a legit copy of The Gutter Twins’ first album (or Twilight Singers’ latest album, depending on how you look at it) ever since I first read about it. And according to Sub Pop, it’s out TODAY!

In eager anticipation, I offer a live show of the entire album, plus other Dulli/Lanegan classics like King Only. Lanegan is pretty taper friendly, but Dulli can be kind of a douche about it, from what I’ve heard. Too bad, too, because he kicks ass live. When the actual album comes out, I’ll post a review and maybe some tasty rarities.

For now, it’s a few tastes and a zip. Pretty good quality. Cop it, then run-don’t-walk to sub pop or your local mom n’ pop and buy Saturnalia!

The Stations
God’s Children

The Body
Seven Stories Underground
All Misery
Idle Hands
Circle the Fringes
Bete Noire
I Was in Love With You
Down the Line
Who Will Lead Us ?
Each to Each
Front Street
River Rise
Papillon (Shadow of the Season)
No Easy Action
King Only
Methamphetamine Blues
Number Nine


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