THE FORE-“Run and Hide”

If there had never been a Kinks, Beatles, Crickets or Monkees, if there had never been The Black Crowes or Mooney Suzuki, even, you’d be floored by The Fore.  As it sounds, the band fits right in with the pre-1970 classic rock ethos: Simple songs with catchy hooks and relatively innocent lyrics.  The music is quite good, actually, and it is often hard to remember that it’s a modern creation, rather than some unearthed demo by a disgruntled member of the Animals looking to strike out with a side project.  That said, the band hews so closely to its genre that, by the end of the album, one wishes they’d step out of their comfort zone and take a risk or two.  The cover of Spanky and Our Gang’s “Lazy Day” is played without irony; it’s a loving recreation, not an attempt to grow something new.  This is perfect retro party music, playable for parents or youngsters, nerds or hipsters.

It’s kind of a surprise, really, that more bands aren’t doing this today.  There’s plenty of guys trying to sound mopey and sad, or imitating everyone from Springsteen to Morrissey, but few are steeped in the days before rock and roll got dark.  Even last year’s masterpiece by Nobunny sprinkled oldies with a grungy, garagepunk flavor a la The Ramones.

The Fore, for better or worse, eschew any cynicism and simply enjoy the ride.  You should, too!
Lazy Sunday (Spanky and Our Gang cover)

Leave Me Alone

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