FUNERAL PARTY-“Bootleg EP” . . . And bonus Big Audio Dynamite!

I was kinda hoping I could be one of the few first who wrote about Funeral Party’s energetic, chaotic, brash and ballsy EP. And I kinda am. The “Bootleg EP” is the digital only release that announces this band’s arrival with hard guitar riffs, snarls and growls, and L.A. sound. Because “New York City loves to mess around with the L.A. sound.” Oh, and it’s got cowbell, too. They’re touring with ….And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, and I’d say their sound is somewhere between that band and DFA 1979.

Funeral Party’s debut album is set for release on April 21st.

Buy it here. It’s worth the price.

Car Wars


A high-quality, 5-song set. Goes nice with the Funeral Party. Old-style punk fusion and the modern version. Dig it.

C’mon Every Beatbox

Battle of All Saint’s Road

V 13

Other 99


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