Tegan and Sara are sluts. No, I haven’t slept with them or anything. It’s just that they’ve jumped from label to label, over and over, with just about every record they’ve ever made. Fortunately, their latest, “This Business of Art,” was an import-only on an indie label. Unfortunately, their next, “The Con,” will be on Sire/London. Too bad.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate their live performances! Here’s a show from February of oh-six. It’s cool. Real cool.

Jersey cool.

Dig it:

Living Room

Speak Slow

Monday, Monday, Monday

Take Me Anywhere

I Hear Noises

So Jealous

I Want To Be Bad [LINK FIXED]

Walking With A Ghost

I Know, I Know, I Know

Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen cover)

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