A 2fer post. First, a 2008 release I missed out on, but wanted to write a little something about. Tracy Shedd makes elusive pop songs that are simple and direct. Her ’08 release, Cigarettes & Smoke Machines, sounds like it’s title: A little raw, slightly nebulous, and perfect for poker. Check it out:

Never Too Late

Whatever It Takes

Not Giving Up

Also, check out a cool (and free) live session at her website.

Second, a blurb about the new record from Modern Skirts, “All Of us In Our Night.” It’s pop, for the most part, of the ‘90s “modern rock” variety, played well. As you’d expect from an Athens, GA, band. There’s something about it, especially “Like Lunatics,” that makes me keep coming back . . .

Like Lunatics

Soft Pedals

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