Aftermath is regarded as a high watermark for the Rolling Stones’ 1960s period–their first album without any cover songs.  It’s also not the best album for the 21st Century, denigrating women with songs about abuse (“Under My Thumb”) and chauvinism (“Stupid Girl”) and male revenge (“Think”).

Aftermath is kind of like for the Stones what “Rhymin’ and Stealin'” is for the Beastie Boys–it’s got some real breakthrough material, it shows the enormous potential of the group, but it also shows their immaturity and, I imagine, is a bit embarrassing in the rear-view mirror.

So how does Hollis Brown do covering the entire album?  Pretty good.  Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

The versions are close to the original, but cleaner.  A few of them, to me, actually sound better than the originals.  Like “I Am Waiting” and the afore-mentioned “Under My Thumb.”

Check it out.

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