THE MINNEAPOLIS HENRYS-“The Way of the Albatross”

In some strange way, lead singer/guitarist Jai Henry of The Minneapolis Henrys sounds like The Cure. But it’s obvious from the first moment on the band’s debut, as a few light chords jump into a chug-a-lug bassline that you’re not here for the vocals. Honestly, I have trouble focusing on the lyrics because the music is just that good. Whether it’s on hot and heavy fast tracks like “Magnum” or slower, more contemplative pieces like “Where My Mind’s Been,” the band makes indie rock that appears simple on the surface but has intricate layers underneath, melding jazz, rock, and punk.

This Chicago band has been doing gigs for about two years now, forming tight musical bonds that allow fro wonderful interplay and improvisation. At the same time, they’re new enough that they still sound like a college band—new, free, and willing to make mistakes to find the right sound. Plus, I love that band name.

This is a promising debut. Check it out.

For fans of: Modest Mouse, The Cure, and maybe even a little Kings of Leon.

Ballad of Robert Murdoch

All’s Fair

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