Brooklyn’s Gold & Gunmetal have an album to be released in January 2009, so it may be wicked early to give them a write up, but here it goes anyway. The album is mostly Prog rock like the kind ELP used to make: Important, thick, and voluminous. . My only complaint about this record is that the vocals are so low in the mix that you can barely hear them. But this isn’t a major problem, since most of the record is instrumental. And such grand instrumentals at that! Great big soundscapes that fill the room and vibrate, full of flourishes and glowing crashes and the march of machines.

Oddly, though, a stand out track is “Day All The Time,” which is more Syd Barrett than Roger Waters, psychedelic and chirpy, amorphous and lacking rhythm. It’s adventurous and fascinating and this song, alone, is worth the price of the album.

Overall, it’s headphones music to listen to late at night—or early in the morning—when you’re coming down.
Check it out.

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Day All The Time


Long Distance Runaround (yes cover)-Red House Painters

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