PALOMAR-All Things, Forests

PALOMAR-All Things, Forests

Brooklyn in the house again!

Palomar has released their decidedly non-urban record, All Things, Forests, on Misra Records. And it is outstanding! It’s the fourth album from this band, but the first I’ve ever heard of them. Palomar’s album entranced me from the beginning with its captivating combination of 1960s melodies, indiepop sound, and 80s vibe. The Air Between Us sounds like The Stars covering that oldies classic, In the Still of the Night. He Came To Stay has the kind of midtempo grind that made the Breeders early albums so hypnotic. Other songs sound downright folkie, like something you’d find on a Nanci Griffith record, while still others recall Rilo Kiley (but without being emotionless and overly intellectual).

Accessible without being trite or sounding familiar, the vocals in particular have a heft to them Im not used to hearing from girl-fronted indie bands. I can’t understand why this band isn’t bigger than it is. And I cant recommend this record enough.

For fans of: The Cranberries, Feist, The Concretes.

Our Haunt-Palomar

He Came to Stay-Palomar


Daytrotter has The Slip covering Baba O’Reilly!

“Nightclothes & Headphones,”-Laura Cantrell and Jason Forest



Full setlist:

Ticket To Immortality
Whites Only Party
Death Or Life We Want You
Lost in the Plot
The Second Part
We Can Have It
Fear Made The World Go Round
There Goes My Outfit
Hate Then Love
Postcard From Purgatory/I Fell Deep

Get it as a zip!

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