Here’s the problem: You recently took a pledge not to purchase or endorse any music on a major label. But you really dig Snow Patrol. You’re not a huge Coldplay fan, but the Patrol’s rawer edge on the mellow smoothness really floats your boat.

So, what do you do?

The answer is: You run, don’t walk, to iTunes and download the new EP from Civalias. Who are they? No idea. “They” appear to be a “he,” namely Southern California’s Adam Stidham. The entire EP is well done, cleanly produced, and a joy to listen to. It’s certainly worth the $3.99 it’ll cost you on iTunes.

I’m not going to offer an mpfrees because the album itself is only a few songs–you should buy it if you dig the video, below.

Trust me, it’s good stuff.

Check out the video:

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