No, I don’t have anywhere close to 26 different songs of artists covering the music of Adam Duritz and co. But I have a few. And, I’ve got a bucket full of Counting Crows doing covers. So that’s what this post is mainly about. There’s a zip file at the end, and a few tastes here. The zip has all but the direct downloads from ez archive.


A is for Angels of the Silences-Stretch Armstrong. A pop/punk take on one of the Crows’ faster songs.

B is for Brooooooose! Atlantic City-Counting Crows (Bruce Stringbean cover).

C is for The Cure. Friday, I’m In Love (Cure cover)-Counting Crows. Adam singing The Cure. I mean, can the world get anymore self-centered?

D is for Dixie Butz, the best name for a groupie ever. Rumor has it that Pete Ham wrote this song for her. A cover of a band created by Paul McCartney. Which explains why they sounded so much like The Beatles. Of course, Adam Duritz has absolutely none of the irrepressible optimism and joy of the fab four. That’s why I love him so. Baby Blue (Badfinger cover)-Counting Crows.

E is for the Counting Crows covering Elvis Costello’s What a Good Year for the Roses. I can’t say I really like this, but it’s cool to have, no?

F is for Shake Some Action (Flaming Groovies)-Counting Crows.

G is for Gibbard. Start Again (Death Cab for Cutie cover)-Counting Crows. This will probably get me yelled at, but I think this version of this song blows away the original. I just fucking love it.

H is for Hanging Around-Adam Duritz and Cracker. Since Adam’s on this one, it’s more of a curiousity than a cover.

I is for I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones)-Counting Crows.

J is for Joni Mitchell! Big Yellow Taxi-Counting Crows.

K is for Kuntry music. I know it’s a stretch. Sue me. Always on my Mind (Willie Nelson cover)-Counting Crows

L is for “Love me ’til my heart stops!” One of my favorite lyrics ever. You’ll find it on this remarkably reworked cover. Naive Melody (This Must Be the Place) (Talking Heads) – Counting Crows.

M is for Scott McKenzie’s tune, San Francisco-Counting Crows.

N is for Night Moves (Bob Seger cover)-Counting Crows. Love love love this. Much more than the original.

O is for Ooh La La (Faces Cover)-Counting Crows.

P is for pals. Buddies. Chums. Friend of the Devil-Counting Crows.

Q is for Martin Quittenton, who helped write Maggie May (Rod Stewart cover)-Counting Crows.

R is for Ryan Adams. Be My Winding Wheel-Counting Crows. Adam is kind of a sad, occasionally cheesy guy. On the cheerfulness level Ryan, compared to Adam, is Eeyore.

S is for Shey. Round Here-Dustin Shey. The quality is a little echoey, but I find this a nice, single-guitar acoustic version.

T is for Thunder Road. I love how Adam uses the lyrics of T-Road here, with the music of his own band’s work. It’s like a live mash up. Rain King/Thunder Road-Counting Crows.

U is for Unsatisfied (Replacements cover)-Counting Crows.

V is for Caravan (Van Morrison cover)-Counting Crows.

Can’t find a good W or X, so I’ll give you another O. Supersonic (Oasis cover)-Counting Crows.

Y is for Neil Young’s Powderfinger, as covered by CC.

Z is for Zip File!

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