THE MOTHER HIPS: Kiss the Crystal Flake … And A to Z!

Where the hell have I been? The Mother Hips have been around for 15 years, and they’ve toured with Wilco, Johnny Cash, and Cake. They’ve moved over 50,000 units. And I’m just getting wind of them with their latest record, Kiss the Crystal Flake.

Well, it’s time for the Mother of all Mother Hips Posts!

I wanna say they’re like a jam band–’cause they make long-playing songs and there’s definitely an improvisational feel to them–but they’ve got too much energy to be grouped with the Grateful Dead/Phish/Keller Williams crowds. Their sound is kind of like all the best aspects of 1960s classic rock with current sensibilities. There’s not a sour note on the entire album . . . And this from a guy who tends not to like songs that pass the five-minute mark. Apparently, the band hasn’t released an album since ’01, but if it took that long to make something this good, it was worth the wait.

Here’s the new single:

Time-Sick Son Of A Grizzly Bear-The Mother Hips

Thanks to Camera Records for making this incredible CD available to me to review, and introducing me to a great band! The only thing frustrating about this experience is that they ain’t touring near me!

4/6 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent
4/7 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent
4/13 – LA, CA – The Roxy
4/14 – Solona Beach, CA – The Belly Up
4/20 – Sacramento, CA – Marilyn’s
4/27 – Park City, UT – Suede
4/28 – Park City, UT – Liquid Joes
5/4 – NYC – Mercury Lounge
5/5 – Hoboken, NJ – Maxwell’s
5/10 – Chicago, IL – Schuba’s
5/12 – Minneapolis, MN – TBA
5/17 – Seattle, WA – Tractor Tavern
5/18 – Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge
5/19 – Hood River, OR – River City Saloon
5/25 – San Louis Obispo, CA – Downtown Brew Company
5/26 – Santa Barbara, CA – Soho
6/8 – Santa Cruz, CA – Moe’s Alley
6/9 – Santa Cruz, CA – Moe’s Alley

Now…For the A to Z!

B is for Barstool Blues-The Mother Hips

C is for Colonized-The Mother Hips

D is for Don’t Be Shy-The Mother Hips

E is for Esmeralda-The Mother Hips

F is for Figure 11-Mother Hips

H is for Hey Emily-The Mother Hips

M is for their theme song, Mother Hips-The Mother Hips

N is for Neil Young covers! Lots of -em!! The band did an entire side from Neil’s Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere! Excellent quality, too:

Cowgirl in the Sand-The Mother Hips (Neil Young cover)

Cinnamon girl-The Mother Hips

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere-The Mother Hips

Down by the River-The Mother Hips

P is for Poison Oak-The Mother Hips

R is for Red Tandy-The Mother Hips

S is for Shootout-The Mother Hips

T is for Tired Wings-The Mother Hips

W is for Whiskey on the Southbound-The Mother Hips

Oh, and the band offers podcasts here!

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