I’d never heard of The Ocelots before they sent me their latest album, “The Cellar and the Ghost Have Let Us Down,” with an October 7th drop date. What’s it like?

Well, it’s a lot like indie rock: Lyrics about death and drama, really fast drums, and grinding guitar with hot hooks and riffs. There’s nothing that makes this band unique, but they’re very good at what they do. And I’m sure they’re great live. If you like The Dead Milkmen, indie Modest Mouse, The Walkmen, or old REM, I imagine you’ll dig this, too.

Particularly cool are “To Keep The Blood Flowing” and “Fight a Tiger,” which is hysterical. “I’m gonna finda tiger, I’m gonna fight it now, I’m gonna find a tiger, I’m gonna eat it’s heart out.” A strange, punky, careening adventure, complete with a shouted chorus. Fantastic.

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