NOBUNNY-“Love Visions”

Tucson’s masked Nobunny recently released a vinyl only LP of amazing punked up 1950s tunes. Actually, each song is an original composition, but each song borrows verses, refrains, choruses and chords from old-time classics. Much like The Ramones. Indeed, the album cover, featuring the artist (or someone with a bunny mask) standing in front of a brick wall is an obvious homage to the kings of American punk.

This is easily the most fun I’ve had listening to an album this year. Whether it’s the opening of “Somwhere New” (“In an hour or so, I’m gonna be at your door/So put your pants and shoes on, ‘cause baby we’s about to ride”), or the simple 1960s psychedelic thrash of “Boneyard,” or any of the other short (mostly under 2:30) rockers, this record never slows down and never gets old. Nobunny has released an exciting debut, one that’s funny and hip enough to be blasting into every college quad, yet also innocent enough to be cranked at every high school prom.

You can buy a digital copy at eMusic. So do it. Now.

Nobunny Loves You


While we’re on the subject of retro . . . I’ve been writing about Stratocruiser’s classic rock sound ever since the band began, so they were gracious enough to send me the tracks off the bonus disc attached to their latest release, “Egg Shells.” It’s all Neil Diamond covers. Four of ‘em, including Cherry, I Am, and America.

Consider it their American Idol audition. No, don’t. I’m kidding about that.

Taste a track or two, and head on over to Not Lame to buy a copy.

Or, if you like, drop me a comment or send me an e-mail with your dream Neil Diamond cover–band and tune–and the winner gets a free copy of “Egg Shells,” with the bonus disk (natch!), courtesy of the band. P.S.: My fantasy cover? Pearl Jam doing “Heartlight.” Or maybe a cover of “I’m a Believer” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

I’ll pick a winner in 7 days.

Cherry (Neil Diamond cover)

America (Neil Diamond cover)

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