Griselda’s home girl Che Noir is one of the best female rappers today. (Maybe of all time?). Food For Thought, her first 2022 release, is her most personal yet.

It’s hard to pick out one song or a few bars that exemplify the record. Every track shows her skills. “Food for thought, I made a meal from crumbs on my plate/From eating just to get full to eating just for the taste…” That’s a good line.

Che spits hard and strong street tales, speaks frankly about being a woman in a male-dominated industry, family (“losing my brother hurt so much I cried in my sleep”), and what it means to be poor in America (“happiness comes at a price and I still cannot afford it”)…She’s got incredible range.

And among the featured artists are Armani Cesar, who was the first woman to put out an album under the Griselda label, and who is also one of the most interesting voices in the biz today.

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