ISE LYFE-“Prince Cometh”

Brooklyn emcee Ise Lyfe (you say it “Ice Life,” presumably because he’s so chill) is now two albums into the rap game, with the release of “Prince Cometh.” It’s conscious rap/spoken word, and worth a listen. He’s already managed to get spots on Def Poetry Jam and on stage with Lauryn Hill and Talib Kweli. One of the tracks they’re offering is “Whitey’s in Iraq,” an update of “Whitey’s on the Moon” (original by Gil Scott Heron), and a really cool listen.

Check it out.

Whitey’s In Iraq

Yes No Maybe

Thighbone (with Zion I)

Bad Moon


If you like Hip Hop, you must download this song. It’s an extended Joe Budden explanation for why hip hop is dead, and who killed it. And he doesn’t blame downloaders. But he does take shots at just about everyone else, including 50 Cent and Lil’ Weezy. And I gotta say, I listen to it and I can’t disagree with a word of it. And how about that Marvin Gaye sample? Perfect choice. When Joe Budden is on, he’s one of the best at what he does.

Who Killed It?-Joe Budden

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