“03,” released on Kartel records, is, ironically, the fourth “Son of Dave” album. The project is the brainchild of a one-man blues band, Benjamin Darvill, whose resume includes being a member of The Crash Test Dummies. You may recall them from the “Mmm mmm” song, or “Superman.” They released two really great albums in the early nineties, and then crashed and burned into a series of really lame follow-ups. I saw them live, opening for Elvis Costello. Not impressive. But the Son of Dave was not Brad, the lead singer and songwriter for that band, so don’t hold it against him.

But Darvill has reinvented himself here, taking a cue from Beck and Primitive Radio Gods to create a fusion between old blues and electronic music. Darvill has solid vocal range—he can do grit and falsetto, and he can play instruments, too—the cello, guitar, and even the harmonica. The album isn’t all loops—much of it is live. Plus, he covers War’s “Low Rider,” so, hey, he’s got good taste.

And he’s got a blog!

Old Times Were Good Times


Slow Night, So Long-Kings of Leon with Eddie Vedder

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