Sometimes, you just gotta throw up an awesome post. This is just such a post.

A ton of great Bloc Party covers, remixes and mash ups!

A is for Aggro1, one of the better masher-uppers out there. Skeleton-Bloc Party (Aggro1/Fastboy Slim remix

B is for Beach Party (Bloc Party vs. Martha and the Muffins)

C is for Blue Light-Noah Blackwell

D is for Luno-Death from Above 1979

E is for Eating Glass-Tempera[mental]. I know it’s called “Like Eating Glass” but I don’t have anything else for E. Except for “E”xcuse. Which this is.

F is for This Modern Love-Final Fantasy (live)

G is for Groovecopter (Bloc Party vs. Madonna)

H is for Hunting for Witches-Bloc Party (RAC remix)

I is for So Here We Are-I Am Chemist

J is for the Jets, baby! Pioneers-The Mystery Jets

K is for Blue Light-Igor Kuragic

L is for I Got 5 Helicopters-Luniz (vs. Bloc Party)

M is for Chinese Burn-Matoran

N is for Nelly.

No! No! No! Not that Nelly! This Nelly:

Say It Right (Nelly Furtado cover)-Bloc Party. This isn’t a Bloc Party cover, it’s a Bloc Party covering. If you all want to complain about it, don’t. It’s awesome, even if it doesn’t fully mesh with the theme.

O is for Omitted.

P is for The Prayer-Bloc Party (Hadouken remix)

P is also for Bloc Party vs. Pussycat Dolls-Aggro1. That way I can skip Q. That letter is always a bitch for these A to Z posts.

R is for another remix. So Here We Are-Bloc party (Calico Sequence remix)

S is for She’s Like Sunday Wind (Bloc Party vs. Tony Sunshine)

T is for Pioneers-Tuung. Tuung are a really interesting band who deserve a post. Remind me later.

U is for Unknown. Who is this “Jon Solo” guy? He’s good! Blue Light-Jon Solo

V is not for Two More Years-Bloc Party (MSTRKFT remix), but I’m posting it anyway ’cause it’s hype.

W is for What You Witches Waitin’ For? (Bloc Party vs. Gwen Stefani)

X is for Gen-X. This song is done by a band called “The 90s”. This is the only thing I’ve heard from them, but I really love it. So Here We Are-The ’90s. This is one of my personal favorites.

Y is for the Y Chromosome. Bouncy Ball (Sympathy Tranny Mix)-Ladyfuzz. Usin’ the Bloc to punch up a tune.

Z is not for zip file this time. Sorry. But maybe this last mp3 will make up for it. She’s Hearing In The Air Tonight (Bloc Party vs. Phil Collins)

No? Then try this one: the Banquet-Slowbear the Great

Still no? Then I’m outta ideas. And outta here.

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