YOUNG BUCK-“After the Unit”

Widely recognized as the best thing in G-Unit, and credited by many, including me, as having the best verse on the best 50 Cent song (“Hate It Or Love It”), spitting:

You know I’m still nice with my cook game
Look man, it’s a hood thang
That’s why I’m loved in Brook-lyn
I handle mine just like a real nigga should
If I do some time homey, I’m still all good
Let me show you what a thug got, born to die
I took the bullets outta 50 and put em in my .45
And I ain’t even got my feet wet yet
A seven figga nigga who ain’t seen award or check yet

But lo! how the mighty have fallen. And I’m not referring to Young Buck. 50 Cent’s latest mixtapes have been disasters, and none of the G-Unit solo projects have really been worth listening to . . . And The Game killed every single one of them in their longrunning beef. Young Buck finally broke free, releasing a consistently solid and occassionally excellent mixtape.  He’s on the Southern sound now, which I personally think there’s far too much of these days, but at least he has the decency to give spots to 8Ball & MJG, Bun B, and Hell Rell.  Not to mention Lil’ Wayne–don’t know if that means Weezy is taking sides in the war that’s erupted between Buck and his old crew.

Among the better bars here is this one from “Rock and Roll”: “My mama said I’m lucky (okay)/She scared to violate me (why?)/My P.O. wanna fuck me (ha ha)/And I think I’m cold/All my dope is sold/And I think they know/That I’m a walking bank roll.” Another great one here is “Bury Me Alive,” where he addresses 50 Cent straight on in a song that’s better than anything Fiddy has released in the last 5 years.



1.Gotta Love It
3.Bury Me Alive
4.Ups & Downs (Feat. Lil Wayne)
5.Rock N Roll
6.All Star Money Maker (Feat. Allstar & Yo Gotti)
7.Without Me (Feat. 8Ball & MJG)
8.Overcharge Me (Feat. Hi-C & Lil Murda)
9.Letter To The Labels
10.To The Graveyard (Feat. Willy Northpole)
11.Cashville Solid
12.Down South Hustlaz (Feat. Willie D, Trae & Bun B)
13.Cant Catch Me
14.Let The Beat Rock
15.Pullin Me Back
16.Where Ya At (Feat. Hell Rell)
17.What Ever
18.Did You Miss Me
19.I’m Fine


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