GHOSTKEEPER-“Children of the Great Northern Muskeg”

The band Ghostkeeper bills itself as bluesrock, but they’re far more experimental than that. Song by song, the band’s new album defies classification. At first, “Lady of the Sky” seems like a simple song, but as it moves along, you realize there’s no hook. And no real chorus, either. A song that’s catchy but doesn’t have a hook or a chorus? Impossible! “Afternoon Girl” is one of the tunes fronted by drummer Sarah Houle, and it is more accessible but no less intangible. Pop rhythms, bubbly tempo, yet there’s nothing to hold on to here. There’s also some aggressive, growling fuzz underneath parts of the song, which feels vaguely dissonant.

This is a strange and interesting new record. Check it out.

Lady of the Sky

From the Muskeg

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