YIP YIP-“Two Kings of the Same Kingdom” (+ Show Notes)

Before today’s post: A few show notes.

I write-up the posts and reviews for this site about a week in advance, all in one sitting based on little notes I take all week long about various new releases that have come my way through contacts, labels, promoters, and my own wallet. So I have a backlog of posts to go to when I need to. Unfortunately, nobody but me actually uploads the songs and publishes the posts. Last week I was in the hospital (again) and diagnosed with (another) chronic illness that will never go away. But, because of that, I’ve had the chance to lie flat on my back and hear lots of new stuff! So, we all benefit from my being a sickly shut-in.

Here’s the first gain from my loss . . .

Creators of wild and bizarre experimental rock and jazz, Yip Yip have toured with HEALTH, The Locust, Sleeping People, Zs, and Melt Banana. Their new album just came out, on S.A.F. Records (which also scores a big win with the new Die! Die! Die! record, which will be reviewed here soon). It’s hard to write up these guys—they have to be heard to be believed—and they’re definitely not for everyone. But if you can appreciate a band that features among other things, organ, cymbals, a gong, and a saxophone, then check this out.

Sprinkle Council

Jazz Rats

Gender Changers

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