THE HOOD INTERNET-The Hood Internet vs. Chicago

The Hood Internet (D.J.s STV SLV and ABX) is one of those websites that’s hit-or-miss, but is consistently entertaining. Technically, what they make are mash-ups, but they often are so seamless that they come off more as remixes than mashes. They’re the ones behind the “The Hood Internet vs. Lykke Li” mixtape, a short remix/mash album of she-who-will-probably-be-hyped-to-death-all-over-the-blogosphere. You can still find that release on their site, and I highly recommend it. “I’m Good, I’m Ghost,” which mashes Lykke with Holy Ghost, sounds more like an official remix than a mash-up; there’s nothing awkward here, no misplaced beats, no out-of-sync transitions. It’s stellar, and in some ways it actually improves upon the original. They’re not all this good (“Zdarlight Department” is kind of dull), but they are all this professional.

There’s lots of other tidbits there, including their first mixtape, which mashes R. Kelly’s “I’m a Flirt” with Broken Social Scene, to fantastic effect.

But they’ve also just announced the release of their new free digital release, “The Hood Internet vs.
Chicago.” It’s 23 songs long, featuring Wilco, Kanye West, Andrew Bird, The Cool Kids, The Smashing
Pumpkins, R Kelly, and more. Check out “Simple X-plosion,” which has Diverse vs Andrew Bird, or the Lupe mash up, “I Gotcha Trees. You probably won’t like every song, but there are some real gems here.

I’m Good, I’m Ghost (Lykke Li vs. Holy Ghost)

I’m a Flirt (R. Kelly vs. Broken Social Scene)

“Watch My Big Feet Jump (Dude N’ Dem vs. Twista vs. Office)

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