A few tunes from a great show he did last April. Eddie’s solo shows are great. He’s one of the few real rock stars left in this world–one of the few guys who can belt out a tune, make money with music, fill stadiums, and still stay true to his roots. If you didn’t buy Into The Wild, you should. It’s good. If you haven’t been blessed with the chance to see him live, you must.

A few tastes, then a zip.

Walking the Cow (Daniel Johnston)
Millworker (James Taylor)
You Got To Hide Your Love Away (Lennon, McCartney)
Trouble (Cat Stevens)
If You Want to Sing Out (Cat Stevens)
Forever Young
Society (with Jerry Hannan)
Growin’ Up (Bruce Springsteen)
No More
Arc (a.k.a. Mookie, the classic Pearl Jam B-Side)
Hard Sun with Liam Finn, EJ and Jerry Hannan-(Gordon Peterson cover)


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