GO AWAY (to a better place)!

1. Southern Shelter has a Venice is Sinking concert posted.  Great band.  Check out their cover of the Okay song compass (direct link).

2.  Captain’s Dead posted a Nirvana bootleg: The Nevermind Sessions.

3.  CD posted a cool St. Patty’s day post including a cover of Radiohead’s Creep.

4.  Tim’s got his eyes on up-and-comers “Milk.”

5.  Jeff turned me on to this cool Gangstarr mix.

6.  I’ve been thinking of doing a Bee Gees cover post, but this guy has beat me to it.  Kind of.  Just one song.  A bunch of “I Started a Joke” covers.

7.  Cover Me is alwasy good, but they outdid themselves this time.  Hair Metal covers!

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