NEIL YOUNG COVERS . . . A to Z (Part Two: G to M)

For part one, go here.

G is for Gibbard. Harvest Moon-Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie.

H is for Harvest Moon-Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal. Hmm. Two frontmen covering the same song. I smell a conspiracy! Call Scully!

H is also for Chrissy Hynde, who did a great cover of Forever Young with The Pretenders. Unfortunately, it’s on a major label, so I won’t be offering it to you.

I is for It Takes a Lot to Laugh-Mendoza Line.

J is for Josh Ritter’s cover of Long May You Run.

K is for 3 songs by Killed by 9v Batteries (not in the zip file):

Like a Hurricaine-Killed by 9v Batteries. Probably my all-time favorite Neil tune.

Old Man-Killed by 9v Batteries

Only Love Can Break Your Heart-Killed by 9v Batteries. Neil Young is such a liar. I happen to know that hard push against the sternum with a six-inch shiv will also break your heart.

L is for Down by the River-Low

L is also for Love is a Rose, by Redbird, who created one of my favorite indie folk albums ever. You’ll find the song in the zip, you’ll find Redbird’s album on eMusic. Get it. Seriously.

M is for Mellow My Mind-Okkervil River (in the zip file that will appear for letter Z).

M is also for Make Sure You Come Back Tomorrow, for the final installment!

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