My first A to Z post at this new site, and maybe my last A to Z. These are a crapload of work! But no sacrifice is too great for this “job,” eh? But first, get ready for a rave review of KW’s upcoming release . . .

How good is Keller Williams? First, take the best parts of deep-think new-wave, like The Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson, and Thomas Dolby. Now, add two heaping tablespoons of Americana, a la The Grateful Dead’s country-style tunes or Fred Eaglesmith. Now sprinkle in pop and jazz for flavor, but make sure you get the hip-hop jazz (you know, the kind you’d hear from DJ Guru). Mix well, and you’ve got an artist who’s so good he defies classification. He’s a pure original.

Keller’s new release, Dreams, is a testament to the genius of variety. A simple, country-blues ditty like “Cadillac” sits between the borderline electronica single, “Celebrate Your Mouth,” and the ska-flavored “Ninja of Love.” Loose allegories based on food (“Cookies;” “Kiwi and Apricot”) are stored on the same shelf as the metaphilosophical, “Life.” I love this record, and I love this artist so much I’m giving you this site’s first A to Z.

Live, Keller is a jam-bander who clearly loves the Grateful Dead. For me, that’s not a problem. For you, don’t hold it against him. He eschews random musical wandering in favor of fast finger picking and celebrations of tightly written songs. And tons of covers, from rap to hillbilly.

Drop me a comment, lemme hear what y’all think….

A is for

American Girl (tom Petty)-Keller Williams

B is for an original, studio cut: Best Feeling-Keller Williams

B is also for another cover: Burning Down the House (Talking Heads)-Keller Williams

And the B’s don’t stop! B is for Black Peter (Grateful Dead)-Keller Williams

C is for another studio version, an original tune called Chillin’-Keller Williams

D is for Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits)-Keller Williams and Doin’ That Rag (Grateful Dead) into Down Under (Men At Work)-Keller Williams

F is for Funky Town (Lipps inc)-Keller Williams

G is for Gate Crashers Suck into Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead)-Keller Williams

G is also for Goof Balls-Keller Williams

H and J are for Jimmmmmmmmmi Hendrix! Wind Cries Mary (Jimi Hendrix)-Keller Williams

K is for Kiwi and the Apricot-Keller Williams

L is for Low Rider (War)-Keller Williams

It’s also for Love Bazaar (Sheila E)-Keller Williams. Remember Sheila? Bandleader of The Magic Johnson show?

M is for The Message (Grandmaster Flash)-Keller Williams

O is for Once in a Lifetime (Talking heads)-Keller Williams

P is for Prince! Darling Nikki (Prince)-Keller Williams

R is for Rapper’s Delight-Keller Williams. I used to cover this song myself, when I was in a band in college. That was not a pretty sight. Although I think I’m better looking than Wonder Mike.

S is for Stayin’ Alive (Bee Gees)-Keller Williams

T is for Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles)-Keller Williams

U is for Up My Caddy-Keller Williams

V is for Moondance (Van Morrison)-Keller Williams

W is for Worthy-Keller Williams

Peace out! (Whew!)

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