NEIL YOUNG COVERS . . . A to Z (Part One: A to F)

Probably the only artist covered by more indies than Bob Dylan is Neil Young. Why do we love folks with such horrendously bad singing voices? Dunno the answer to that. But I do know that for the next few days, I’ll be doing a Neil Young cover extravaganza, A to Z. At the very end, there will be a zip file, so if you can wait for that, it will help you avoid all the savefile stuff. Most of the songs will be in the zip. If I miss some, I’ll return your money.

Let’s get it on!

A is for Alejandro Escovedo’s versions of Like a Hurricane and Powderfinger (in the zip file).

B is for Bad Fog of Loneliness-Matthew Barber.

B is also for Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere-Matthew Sweet and Susannah Hoffs (former Bangle), which you’ll find in the zip file.

C is for this post right here! It’s also for Powderfinger (live)-Counting Crows

D is for Dana Carvey’s Neil Young imitation. Highly recommended.

E is for Expecting to Fly-Emily Haines. You gotta dig Emily. She’s the fifth greatest woman in indie rock, after all.

F is for freedom! Rockin’ In the Free World (live)-Pearl Jam. PJ are the indie-friendliest major-label rock band in the world, now that Jerry Garcia is dead. God bless them.

F is also For The Turnstiles (of course). There’s a cool version by the vastly underrated experimental band Califone in the zip file. Promise!

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