On the same stage as Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, the Treacherous Three, Joe Ely, The Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, The Fall, The Sugar Hill Gang, The Slits, and even ESG, our heroes ground through a 17-show run that actually got the place closed by the fire marshall. It’s not a wonder that the Bonds shows are legendary. Plus, the year (1981) is probably the band’s best in terms of live performance: The in-fighting hadn’t destroyed them yet, and they were still close enough to their roots that hadn’t become the more studio pop band they turned into with Combat Rock. Some say these aren’t the greatest shows ever, each night clearly has moments of glory. And, true to the Clash’s ethic, every time they performed the same songs, they did ‘em different, adding new chord changes, rhythms, and even lyrics. I’m going to post all the shows, seriatim, and they’re not all of equal sound quality. So, Clash completists, get your downloading fingers ready and stay tuned.

Here’s everything that will eventually appear here:

May 28 1981
May 29 1981
May 31 1981
June 1 1981
June 2 1981
June 3 1981
June 4 1981
June 5 1981
June 6 1981 [matinee]
June 6 1981 [evening]
June 8 1981
June 9 1981
June 10 1981
June 11 1981
June 12 1981
June 13 1981 [matinee]
June 13 1981 [evening]

I have been asked not to post these shows in their entirety, and I will respect that request.

The Web Police have been awfully active against me this past week, so I’ll be laying low for a while with bands who ever came close to getting a contract with a major.

But look back here in a few months.  I’m thinking of a “best of Bonds” post.

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