I haven’t gotten enough interest in the past 2 posts to make the Guilty Pleasure an anywhere-near daily grind, so I’ll shoot for every week or so. If there’s no interest in that, either, then I’ll dump it.

Look at these badasses, with their fancy sneakers.

Look at these badasses, with their fancy sneakers.

Today, the stars are Nick, Howie, A.J., Brian and Kevin. Not much Backstreet Boy music ever gave me pleasure–guilty or otherwise–until I heard Howard Stern do “The Gay Way.” (The group even appeared on his show and had a great sense of humor about it.) Between that song and Weird Al’s “Ebay” parody, which is a favorite among the kids who live and visit my house, some version of “I Want It That Way” is frequently bouncing around my cavernous skull. As such, I’ve gotten a begrudging appreciation of how infectious it is.

So here’s two versions, plus a bonus BB tune. Dig it? Don’t? Drop a comment and lemme know!

I Want it That Way-Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie

I Want it That Way-Ryan Adams

Step By Step-The Lemonheads

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