I know what you’re thinking: Bob Dylan covers? Really? How common.

True enough. Bobby D may be the most covered songwriter in pop music history. But these covers are different. These covers are ones that I like, and some are pretty rare (or at least haven’t turned up in the blogosphere of late). There’s so many, I’ve stretched this A to Z over three posts. Even if you’re not a Dylan fan, I daresay some of these may appeal to you . . .

A is for Ryan Adams! He’s covered Dylan on more than a few occasions, but I like these two the best:

Isis/Love Sick-Ryan Adams

Po’ Boy Blues-Ryan Adams

B is for She Belongs to Me-Big Head Todd and the Monsters. I was such a fan of Big Head’s first record, but their studio stuff seemed to go downhill after that. Fortunately, they still kick ass live. And this is live.

C is for Citizen Cope.
Simple Twist of Fate-Citizen Cope.
I love this guy. Can’t understand why he doesn’t get more attention.

D is for The Dude! My favorite song from Big Leibowski.

The Man in Me-My Morning Jacket (live).

The Man in Me-Cracker

E is for Elliot Smith’s cover of Littel Maggie, a traditional tune also covered by Bobby D.

F is for forever young.

Forever Young-Smashing Pumpkins

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