Comic book fans rejoice!  Next year is gonna explode, starting as early as April.  In addition to non-comic book flicks like The Hangover 2, we’re in for an amazing year.  By which I mean amazingly good or amazingly disappointing.


10.  Smurfs 3-D.  The “3-D” makes me nervous, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a good kids’ comic movie out in a summer full of noise and violent blockbusters?  If this one tanks, maybe the new hand-drawn Winnie the Pooh animated film will fill the void.  Anyway, this isn’t really why you’re here and still reading, is it?  Hit the break for 9 potentially awesome flicks.
9.  The Planet of the Apes prequel.  Not technically a comic book movie, more a movie based on a movie that was made into a long-running comic book and animated series, had several sequels, and was remade within the last 10 years.  This is probably the last breath of this franchise, but if it’s good, it could be the beginning.  June 24.

8.  Priest.  The team behind the godawful Legion movie takes another shot at an unholy action/horror comic book movie.  Let’s hope they get it right this time.  May 13.

7.  Transformers 3.  Yeah, number 2 kinda sucked.  But there’s no way I miss this one.  June 24.

6.  Cowboys and Aliens.  Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, directed by Jon Favreau, in a sci fi action flick.  Sounds like what Wild Wild West coulda shoulda been.  July 29.

5.  Scream 4.  I know it has nothing to do with comics, but it’s directed by Wes Craven.  April 14.

4.  Thor.  Brought to you by Kenneth Branagh, the guy who revived the career of William Shakespeare back in the ‘90s.  May 6.

3. Green Lantern.  That’s right, this ain’t even close to my personal most-anticipated.  June 17.

2.  X-Men: First Class.  The non-Marvel Studios Marvel comic book movie of the summer, sans Bryan Singer but plus Matthew “Kick-Ass” Vaughn.  June 3.

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1.  Captain America: First Avenger.  Can there be any doubt that this is #1?  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Don’t #@!$ this up, Marvel.  July 22.

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