TOP 6 EPs OF 2007

6. The Features-Contrast (Review).

I can’t express myself on these guys any better than I did the last time I wrote about them. I’m a huge, huge fan of this band and have been for years. (And by huge fan, I don’t mean I’m fat. I mean they’re great!)


5. Illinois-What The Hell Do I Know? I have often said that Pitchfucked is a site full of overintellectual sissies who refuse to like anything with a beat. Well, I don’t often say that. But I’m saying it now. They gave Illinois a 6.8, which is just absurd. This EP is like the return of Beck, back when he was indie!

Hopefully, after reading what I just wrote, you aren’t asking me what the hell I know. Instead, I hope you’re nodding your head enthusiastically to this great EP.

Original Review


Alone Again

4. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Is Is.

This doesn’t rate higher because all these songs are old. But it’s still great to hear them engineered and mastered. And I picked this picture because never before has she looked more like Howard Stern.

3. The Black Kids-Wizard of Ahhhs. Also the winners of Best Original Cure Cover of 2007. And best of all? You can get it for free, here!

I’m not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend to Dance with You-Kate Nash (Black Kids cover)

2. New York Fund-Guns. Americana-influenced rock and roll simply doesn’t get much better than this. That these guys lost a record contract is proof positive that the industry has its head up its ass.

(Original review)

Nobody Home

1. Atmosphere-Sad Clown Bad Summer. Summer’s over and I can’t stop listening to this.

(Original review)


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