1. Cartoons!

2. A free Happy Animals EP (Go here!)

3. My favorite Hip Hop blog, Passion of the Weiss, has begun its top 25 songs of the year countdown (scroll around). Many of his picks are surprising.

4. And it is important, in this holiday season, to remember the dangers of overindulging on food. I love this song. Anybody remember it?

The Sexual Politics of Meat-Consolidated

5. While we’re on the subject of nostalgia, and asking questions, does anybody remember laughter?

It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry-Paul Westerberg

I think this song kicks the ass of 90% of the songs on that overbloated “I’m Not There” soundtrack.

6. Much as I hate to give Heather publicity (I don’t think she likes my blog–she’s refused to blogroll me and stuff–I must be too street), she did do a great interview with Travis and offers a zip file of a bunch of cool T songs. Didn’t include this one, though. Go figure.

Hit Me Baby One More Time-Travis

7. For a whole bunch of albums I won’t put on my top 40 list, check out Ryan’s best of 2007 list. It looks a lot more like a reputable indie blog’s list oughtta look like. My list is going to be sheite. I’m too into pop to be indie. Sigh. I don’t even know why you read this shit. Or check out Aquarium Drunkard’s list. He puts me to shame every damn day. It is nice that someone agrees with me about Blonde Redhead and Panda Bear.

8. Throwing Up In My Own Mouth-Ryan Adams. Niiiiiiiiiiiice.

9. I’m on Fire (Bruce springsteen cover)-Jim James (of My Morning Jacket). Where have MMJ been lately? I want another Z!

10. And I will leave you with pictoral existentialism.

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