The White Rabbits got a rave review at Shitfork, so I’m not sure they need my help today. But they’re gonna get it anyway because they’re that good. I mean, for one thing, how many indie bands use the vocals as their primary instrument? There’s the Pippettes, but when it comes to bands not consisting entirely of women it’s hard to find a band that knows how to do harmony.

And as for the drumming: Aces. As for the guitarwork: Perfectly suited to this kind of pseudoretronewagain sound. Keyboards? Ditto. A six-piece band that doesn’t sound crowded, overstuffed, pretentious or common. Whether it’s the opening riff and frieght train rythm section of Kid On My Shoulders, or the jungle beat on the title track (which sound like a Replacements composition), or the hook-heavy, borderline ska of Navy Wives, I predict you won’t be disappointed by a single track.

Plus, they’re from Brooklyn. So they gots to have game.

White Rabbits: Kid on My Shoulders

White Rabbits: The Plot

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