WEST INDIAN GIRL-“4th and Wall”

West Indian Girl arrive with the same kind of alt-shoegazer synthpop found in Saturna and Oasis . . . Arty pop with trebley vocals and flourished with crashing percussion and wave after wave of keyboard riffs. It’s no shock the band is named after a particular brand of LSD.

“To Die in L.A.” is the current single, and it’s definitely catchy. It’s easy to imagine lolling about on the beach, drinking tequila, and enjoying the up-and-down sound. “Sofia” is another stand out track, as is “Up the Coast.” On all the tracks, the vocals sound vaguely like Perry Farrell, but the music is as far from punk as possible. It’s precise, clean, and calculated.

Whipped creamy indie pop. Check it out.

To Die in L.A.

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