OX-Tuco and VANISH VALLEY-Get Good

Two albums on the menu today…First, Ox, a DIY band out of Canada, who decided to open their record with a cover of Neil Young’s “Out On The Weekend.” It’s a bold choice, but it sets the tone for their alt-country/indie rock record: It’s a little sad, a little deep, and extremely well written. The band has been around since 2004, and their experience shows. Really, this is a fantastic album.

I’m offering the Neil Young cover below, along with a brief and beautiful instrumental. There are a few such cuts on the record, and they’re always terrific, never filler.

Out on the Weekend

Love Theme From A 70s Movie

Ten bucks on Bandcamp, and worth every penny.

Tour dates in Canda:

Nov 3 Thu KINGSTON @ The Mansion (w/ Al Tuck)
Nov 4 Fri OTTAWA @ Raw Sugar (w/ Al Tuck)
Nov 5 Sat MONTREAL @ Grumpy’s (w/ Al Tuck)
Nov 7 Mon QUEBEC @ L’AgiteE (w/ Al Tuck)
Nov 9 Wed MONCTON @ Plan B (w/ Al Tuck)
Nov 10 Thu HALIFAX @ The Carleton (w/ Al Tuck)
Nov 11 Fri CHARLOTTETOWN @ Hunters (Al Tuck)
Nov 15 Tue THUNDER BAY @ Apollo (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 16 Wed WINNIPEG @ The Lo Pub (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 17 Thu SASKATOON @ The Fez (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 18 Fri CALGARY @ Palomino (w/ Forest City Lovers, Lorrie Matheson)
Nov 19 Sat EDMONTON @ The Black Dog (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 21 Mon KELOWNA @ tba (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 22 Tue CHILLIWACK @ tba (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 23 Wed VANCOUVER @ The Railway Club (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 25 Fri EDMONTON @ The Haven (w/ Forest City Lovers)
Nov 26 Sat REGINA @ The Exchange (w/ Forest City Lovers)

Vanish Valley, our co-feature for today, is a different experience. But not radically so. It’s laid back, with a country influence, but the voice is rougher–like Wilco, a bit. The songs are created by Andrew McAllister, formerly of the band called Conrad Ford.

It’s great when I get to write about two really good, can’t miss albums in one day. It’s a good day for indie!


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